The Gigasecond Server

Version 2.1 - now "year 2038 compliant"

Are you around thirty years of age and looking for a good excuse to party? Look no further - celebrate your gigasecond!

One gigasecond, or 1 000 000 000 seconds, is slightly more than thirty-one and a half years. To find out when to celebrate your own gigasecond, just enter your own date and time of birth in the form below. Be sure to use a full four-digit year and a 24-hour time.

The geekier among us may also celebrate the binary gigasecond, also known as the greater gigasecond, or to use the ISO/IEC standard binary prefix, the gibisecond, at the age of 230 seconds (1 073 741 824 seconds). This occurs some two years and four months after the decimal (or lesser) gigasecond.

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This service is provided courtesy of Araneus Information Systems Oy. Version 2.1 of the Gigasecond Server is written entirely in Perl 5 and performs its calendar calculations using the Date::Calc library.