The AuDSL software

AuDSL works on most Unix-like operating systems, to the extent that it compiles and can be used to demonstrate a simulated connection. Connections over a physical wire using sound cards currently work only on NetBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux systems, because AuDSL still lacks the system-dependent code to interface to the sound card drivers of other operating systems. Also, the Linux version currently lacks the ability to talk to the kernel's IP stack. If you are interested in writing the missing parts for Linux, or in porting AuDSL to another OS such as FreeBSD or Windows, please contact me by e-mail.

The AuDSL software is written in portable C++. When running on an Intel Pentium with MMX or clone thereof, a small amount of inline assembly code is optionally used to take advantage of the MMX instructions.

The prototype AuDSL installation used PCs with AMD K6-2 processors and Ensoniq AudioPCI compatible sound cards. Running on a 333 MHz AMD K6-2 processor, the software modem consumes about 38% of the CPU cycles.

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